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so here's some pic of my Grom parts for sale, not sure what the prices are make offer if I agree I will send it with added shipping cost.
1 HD Kitaco starter-new
2 HD Kitaco crank and rod plus spare rod, 1 new, 1 rebuilt, 1 new spare Kitco rod with bearings
2 OG 4th bearing support.
2 2014 stator and regulator
2 BPI 34T rear sprocket-used less than 100 miles used for DIY gear sprocket setup testing
1 Superlite 32T rear sprocket, used for DIY testing
10 set of Yuminashi 181cc copper head gasket with base gasket
2 used 181-4v Takegawa head ported and port match, comes with cam
1 takegawa wedge unit for intake.
1 set of front/rear wheel bearings ALL BALLS-new
2 set of new OEM 34T rear sprocket
1 set of new front/rear brake DISC
1 set of swingarm rubber chain guide-new plus spare swing arm parts
1 lighten flywheel-new
1 lighten oil spinner-new
2 new clutch basket unts
2 2014 OEM rear tail/brake light units
6 or more brass screws for Koso 34mm throttle body A/F adjustment
2 aftermarket ODM units
tons of OEM screws, body panel push in plastic tabs and other screws and hardware.
Gaskets for left and right side OG crank case


1 - 5 of 5 Posts