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Post pics of your carbon fiber parts. I just installed these from Tyga. They look great and really easy to put on. The tank cover really goes well with the white plastics.

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yes buddy, we put the stickers on for a couple of reasons:

1) Obviously to promote our brand and distinguish it from knock offs.
2) It would be easier and save us time in labour to just send the stickers along with the product but they are a bitch to apply and easy to smudge with finger prints etc.

We could have lacquered over them to prevent removal but even I don't want the logos on every panel and understand that not everyone wants the logo, so just tickle it with your finger nail and you can pull the stickers off. Just apply a bit of wax after to left any residue adhesive and you'd never know it was there. No offence taken of you do that as long as you tell everyone where to come for their carbon ;)

We've got some more carbon coming soon.
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