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Agentbulu's build

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Hello Guys,

I finally decided to start my build thread. I live in Hungary and bought my white MSX in June 2013, mainly for commuting and for some track riding on smaller tracks. It is rather about customization than "rebuild" the bike, but still this is the first time I do so many things on a bike. I usually just simply ride them.
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I never had a small bike, so it was all new experience for me. I am over 2000km now and I love that it is light weight and can be ridden WOT all the time.
At the beginning I was only after a slip on exhaust and better tyres, but as with most of you I started to discover the endless options to customize the bike and then I started to purchase things from all over the world. This was also pretty much new for me. I registered my ebay and paypal account to purchase Grom parts on the first place.

On the 1000km service maintanence I changed the tyres to Michelin Pilot Pure SC in OEM size, as I almost lowsided in a fun corner on the way to work.
The next thing I ordered was the Tyga CF Oval full exhaust system. It is much better quality than I anticipated, but much louder than I expected :D.
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Then I bought another package from Tyga with under cowl, seat cover, preload adjuster, H2C wheel crash bungs, H2C rimtape, Hel SS front brakeline.
I definitely recommend the SS brakelines, it feels much better even in everyday commuting.
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I wanted to have black levers so I got adjustable levers from T2W from ebay. A bit loose in the clamp, but works still fine. Installation of the clutch was a bit difficult, but I am a newbie.
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I did not want to have the air filter directly on the throttlebody, so I went for the DNA airfilter from Greece, which is an expensive solution.
Previously I did the first airbox mod and horn relocation as well.
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I loved the look of the flush mount turn signals I saw on others bike on the forum, so I also had to order it. Especially that I broke the right signal in a small crash. It looks great but as it is a cheap one the brightness is disapponting.
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I was looking around the FE options and I wanted to use original turn signals, but with the Tyga exhaust it was a bit complicated.
In the end I purchased the Vagabond FE, but it turned out that I have to use LED rear signals, because it was in the way of the exhaust fumes.
Probably the signals would have been melted, but I had another problem, that the noise bounced back and it was annoying. So I had to use a narrow setup from Lampa.
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The last item I got is a YSS MC302-250T rear shock. I looked it up where it would be the best to buy and I asked my collegue who traveled to Bangkok to get it from KD project racing. He was backpacking in Vietnam and Thailand and on his last day he went into the shop to get my stuff.
As far as I saw the deafult colour is red spring and black piggy back gas container, but I also saw it with blue, yellow or white spring.
So my instruction to him was to get blue, black or red. He is not into bikes, so it was funny that he took this challenge. The guys in the shop were
very friendly and based on the request they swapped the blue spring from an ME302, so in the end I recieved what I wanted, except that the container is grey. Installation was easy, especially after the HardRacing Öhlins how to video, however the bolts were super tight. I did not really had issues with the rear, but I wanted to use the opportunity, that he was there. Now I believe it is stiffer than the OEM and the rebound damping is also better, so for 100USD it was a great deal.
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So this is it sofar. The only item I have not installed yet is the Tyga preload adjuster. Actually I still do not have 30 and 36mm socket. But I am not sure, what I could expect from it, as there are different comments about it nowdays. I also do not know whether the fork oil change would help on the front as the manual says it is 10W already, but others said changing from 5W to 10W is a big difference. Probably I would need to go for 15W or so. I do not really plan to have any other parts for now, only in case I win the lottery :D, we will see. The next plan is to take the bike to a track again.
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Nice bolt up agentbulu. My bike has gone in a similar direction. Maybe mixing 10w & 15w to achieve 12.5 weight might be an option.
I think I'll hold out for the Race Tech innards for when I get to hating the stock forks enough...
I like your shock color combo for your bike and the pipe fits the looks too.
Good looking bike.
Thanks Max! Would be good to know, if anybody tried 15W with stock forks. Mixing the fork oil is an interesting idea, I didn't think about that, but indeed that is also an option. Fortunately I do not feel the front worse now that I have better rear shock and SS brake line.
Thanks for sharing your pic and build. Yep this is a fun little motorcycle to mod and change. Great on gas mileage and great to see the expressions on people faces when they see such a big adult riding a little motorcycle and scooting along with the traffic flow.

Worst problem I found so far is these young teenager drivers who would like to race you since that is the only motorcycle they can beat with their car, but as soon as we are in heavy traffic I split the lanes and I'm in front of the pack at the stop light.

Anyway ride safe.
Holy cow i want that air filter. Where to buy a cheap one.
I would say the cheap solution is a cone filter either in the airbox or on the throttle body. If you want to keep the stock concept you could still cut out the paper filter from the plastic frame and insert a foam filter instead. The only difference would be the size, because the DNA filter surface is bigger than stock.
By the way I bought it from ebay, but as it is european you need to look for Honda MSX 125 (13-14) DNA Air Filter PN:p-H1N13-01.
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