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Affordable rear shock option

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Just happened across this shock while perusing eBay and am looking to get some collective input from the forum. Seems like it might be around 1/2" longer than stock but other than that the measurements appear to be correct.


  • 285mm (1 1/4") total length
  • 260mm (10") eye to eye length
  • Eye Diameter: 10mm
  • Eye thickness : 21.00mm
  • Spring thickness: 11mm
  • Spring Width: 66mm (2.6")
  • Spring Weight: 300 kgs (640 lbs)

I've contacted the seller to see if he'll sell them individually, but still waiting to hear back. He's selling a pair for $75.98 shipped.

Anywho, just thought I'd share what looks to be an affordable option and see if anyone has thoughts on why this might be a bad idea?

Suspension part Shock absorber Auto part Coil spring Suspension

10" 260mm A Pair Shock Rear Absorbers Motorcycle Scooter | eBay
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I would buy the other one of you, if you bought the pair. and it looks like hes having a sale too.
yes i do, were are you located?
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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