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Adjusting Chain

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Has anyone had to adjust their chain yet? How many miles?

Got any tips?

This chain is not an o ring and is not continuous. It has a master link.
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Yep, mine was stretched at 50 miles. Loosen axle tighten chain, make sure rear wheel is straight by checking the lines in the axle blocks to make sure they are even and then tighten the axle.

Did it all on the side stand. No problems at all.
Yep harbor Freight has one and BikeTech has one that work. Not needed for a chain adjustment though.
So yesterday after I installed my new 36t rear sprocket I was out thinking myself and trying to do a super duper rear wheel alignment. The alignment lines on the axle adjusters just did not seem correct for some reason. I had the bike supported from the rafters with the kickstand up and decided the BEST way to ensure the rear wheel was aligned properly was to actually measure the distance between the center of the axles on both sides.

I have a a five foot aluminum ruler so it should be no problem right?

Wife came out to help me and we started measuring. I'g get 47.5 on one side and 47.25 on the other. Make an adjustment and get 47 on the first side and 47.5 on the second. Then I would push the axle forward on one side, measure again and it would be LONGER. WTF? After we did this a dozen times or so I decided I needed a break. I was doing something wrong but did not know what.

So after a bit I came out to try again and my wife came out to help again. Still had the same problem, the measurements kept changing each time we moved to the other side.

Then, my wife, the most non-mechanical person in the world asked.......

Hey if the front wheel turns a little bit when we move from side to side would that change the measurement?


I used the factory alignment marks and got it right on the money.

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So after a ride yesterday decided to oil my chain. That went well. The chain also was slightly loose so I adjusted that. Then when I went to tighten the axle nut, it would not tighten. I had somehow stripped the threads well before even torqueing it to specs. Spent about 3 hours trying to get it off....rounded off the left axle bolt in the process. Finally with a breaker bar, penetrating oil, and a torch, I got it off by working first one way then the other. Now I need to replace the axle nut and the axle. I am tempted to put a little copper slip on the threads with the new one even though that is not recommended.

How I could strip threads when the nut was never off is a little unusual. It commonly occurs from cross-threading when you get a nut started wrong, not just loosening, then tightening it.
I had a Mustang and a Ninja 900 that both came with custom cross threaded nuts right from the factory. It happens.
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