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It's a great time to pull together as a Grom community and help one of our own. Take a minute and view Shelbythekids post... I don't know him well, but it's obvious he's going through a lot right now, yet maintains a great attitude.

$5 for a raffle spot, sent directly to his PayPal account @ [email protected]
Please include your screen name in the PayPal notes box. As Shelby receives $5 payments, he can forward the e-mails to me. I'll keep track of them, keep a current list here, then on April 1, we'll draw a name, and I'll send that person the sprocket of their choosing. All non-winners will get free karma.

If any other vendors want to sweeten the deal it would be awesome. PM me and I'll add the company and product info to this thread.

Also note, Shelby has some shirts for sale, as well as some pretty slick Grom decals. More info on that here...

Lets help out where we can!

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