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70 mph & 116+ mpg!

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And I think she's got some more in her.

My first fill up today came at 132.2 - 1 mile from the dealer = 131.2 miles. It was on the last bar but NOT flashing. I filled it up about as far as I could. She kept taking more if you gave her a little at a time. I ended up over flowing but the design is to be commended. There is a lip and a small hole on the kickstand side to allow the overfill to 1) be contained in the lip if it's not too much and 2) feed the overflow back to the tank or out a drain hose. I didn't think to look at the time. The gauge seems to be dead accurate throughout the scale. 75 miles and I was at 1/2 tank.

I was able to open her up along a long straight stretch of road. I had to tuck to get it up to 60+. Prior I had reached 69 mph on a slight downhill grade. This time I got her to read 70 for a brief second. I was tucked in about as far as I could. I had one hand on the gas and the other tucked under my chest with my chin right at the LCD display. I would dip my head and then check, dip, check. FYI I'm at 5000+ feet as well living just outside Denver. Thin air was to my advantage in the tuck but takes a bit more than 20% of my power as well.

I don't think this motor is fully broken in yet. I think there's a mile or three in her to go. As far as MPGs I'm not sure. USUALLY as the motor breaks in it gets better. I've seen it decline in some modern cars as it breaks in. Just my limited observation. If I were to hypothesize I would lean towards better mileage. And my single sample is far from scientific. But it's promising!

I've owned many bikes. I've been riding since I was 12 and I'm soon to be 45. This Grom is neither quick nor fast but it's as much fun as I've ever had on a motorcycle. I'll be surprised if they don't go super mainstream with the general public. Cheap, fun, and practical. It's rare when ALL those come together and the packaging is attractive as well.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that I'm 141 lbs. Nekkid. ;)
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how does the bike feel when you were at your top speed? Did it vibrate a lot? I'm guessing if you could get that speed, I should be able to get 60-65 here without tucking.
It was pretty stable. Like I said I was only hanging on w/ one hand. So far 60 is about max sitting straight up. More downhill, less uphill. If you're at a lower altitude it should be stronger.
Awesome. Thank you for your first impressions!
Thanks for the info. I like to be able to ride top speed with the bike, or close to it. When vibrattions are so bad i gotta get off the bike to itch my bumm, then its not fun to push it.
uphill is embarassing tho. cant wait to get an exhaust and air filter. hopefully can hold 60 uphill.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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