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22 Grom LED headlight bulb upgrade?

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Picked up a new LED headlight bulb for my 22 Grom. SEALIGHT H4 LED Motorcycle Bike Bulb, 6000K Xenon White

I pulled the headlight assembly off but can't figure out how to open it up to put the new bulb in.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Bumper Fender

Input device Office equipment Bag Numeric keypad Personal protective equipment

Automotive lighting Gas Eyewear Personal protective equipment Auto part

I see the snaps on the sides but seems like the two sides are glued together. Been trying to wedge them apart.

I can't imagine that Honda would make it this difficult to change a light bulb unless the bulb is already LED and the bulb I got will not fit or be an improvement. Anyone have any insight here?
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I added a Kiwav auxiliary light. Really helped. I wired it to turn on with the hi beam.
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