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2023 OTD prices?

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Hi I am looking to buy a new 2023 red non0ABS Grom. A local dealer has quoted me 4359.59 OTD in NC including tax and tags and title. It seems a little high, I may counter offer 4000...but then he only has 1 and probably wont deal. What are others paying?
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Did they give you a breakdown of the price, destination charge, sales taxes and doc fee? MSRP is $3,499 plus $300 in destination so you are at $3,799 right there. Not sure what your sales tax rate is in NC. Keep in mind, there is very little margin on a Grom (I work at a dealership) and Groms don't sit long on showroom floors.
They did not. Tax here is 3%. There is definitely some padding built into that price but not excessive. I will call a couple other dealers today but I will pay a little more to support this one as it’s the closest to me and has always been friendly.
I bought it and brought it home! We agreed to $4300. And yes they know me by name for better or worse 🤣
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Oh, and thank you to the forum members for the assistance and wealth of information found here!
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