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If you’re going to be messing about with the shift lever, I can recommend the Chimera shift shaft support: Chimera Billet Aluminum Shift Shaft Support- Honda Grom Monkey 125 2014-2020 and the IMS shift lever: IMS Honda Grom Shift Lever as I have them on my Grom.

With that shift lever, I believe you can tap a bolt into the folding nub, and extend it without rendering your shift shaft vulnerable to accidental damage from drops and crashes. If you have a buddy who welds, welding an extension onto that folding bit would be even better (and less fiddly).
The sf brace won’t fit on the new grom. Gcraft makes one for the new grom though

In the end I settled for improving the action with a ball jointed link replacing the bent bar and i am very happy with that for my minor arthritic ankle and foot condition.

Sorry these are UK links but I'm sure you can find equivalents in the US.
I did the koso rose joint too and the gcraft shaft brace with oem lever and I’m happy with the feel.
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