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I'm not sure if anyone has taken the time yet to decipher which "type" is which colors for the 2022 Grom yet but I have and wanted to share them for anyone looking for OEM body panels in the correct colors. Findings are based on Cycle Parts Nation website and how they have the Groms categorized on the site. They are as follows:

Cycle Parts Nation 2022 Grom listings

Listed as : Grom 125 AC
Type 1 - Asteroid Black Metallic
Type 3 - Pearl Queen Bee Yellow

Listed as : Grom 125A AC
Type 4 - Candy Victory Blue

Listed as: Grom 125 2AC
Type 6 - Pearl Horizon White

Hopefully this helps. I did a few Google searches with no hard answers as to which "type" is which color.
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