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Here is a link to the one I got from CLUTCH/FLYWHEEL/STATOR TOOL PACK - Honda '13-'20 GROM / GROM SF / '19-21 Monkey 125 (HR-Toolpack) Hope this helps you.

HR Performance is mighty proud of their tools......
(Chinese made stuff most likely as well!)

here in Thailand the first 2 are available on Lazada or Shopee Amazon here!.....yet)

Clutch Tool 79 Baht ($2 USD)

Flywheel Puller 120 Baht ($3.25 USD)

Flywheel holding tool 2 Baht ($.05 USD)

The last I just use a nickle in the gears to keep things from turning,works great!
(I drilled a small hole in it and stuck a zip tie loosely thru it so i don't forget to retrieve it!)

Save myself $80 plus Shipping Handling and Customs fees (about another $40-60 or so)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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