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MUS ‘Monkey Utility Sidecar’

Designed for off road use

– Bolt on Monkey side car with independent suspension. (works with stock exhaust)
– Powder coated cart
– Adjustable toe in/out
– Preinstalled D-Rings
– Cargo net
– Set of Quick Fist Clamps

Sold my 2019 Honda Monkey a few days ago and now selling the aftermarket parts I removed from it.
Located near Dayton, OH 45405

Not looking to ship at this time. I don't have a box or packaging materials in order to ship.

Looking for local pickup. I would even been willing to help with installing. Only takes about 20 mins to install or remove.

I primary used it for running things around town. Thats basically all I used my Monkey for anyway. Very handy and gets lots of looks!

Industrial Moto sells new for $1,600 PLUS shipping and I had almost a 6 month wait time.

Selling for $1,000 Local Pickup.

Please shoot me an email at: [email protected] if interested.

PHOTOS HERE: Monkey Side Car

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