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2018 Grom Wire schematic

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Can anyone send me a copy of the wiring schematic for a 2018 Grom.
I need to find out what each of the colors that go to the headlight do. I'm trying to fit the Grom headlight to another bike and need to know what wire goes where.

Thanks a bunch.

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Bumping an old thread!

Did any one have any joy working out how to power up the 2017 Grom headlight with wiring details (I can see from the above a few of you installed aftermarket headlights using the loom but not the other way round)

Basically I'm currently in the process of installing a KTM EXC300 engine/wiring loom into my 2017 Grom and the EXC300 wiring loom provides negative, low beam positive & high beam positive which I need to work out how to power up the stock Grom LED headlight.

Any help would be great, really don't fancy popping a perfectly good headlight by incorrectly wiring it.
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