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Greetings. Don't own a grom myself, but I am doing an engine swap for my 2015 CRF250L. Engine's been pulled, and the internet seems to think that some of y'all are swapping them into Groms. I'd accuse of you of lunacy, but I'm sticking a 500cc twin into my 250L frame; I won't judge. =)


Engine is from a 2015 CRF250L, had 2641 miles on it when it was pulled a couple of weeks back, and was running when pulled; here's a video of engine running (that's not my channel, that's the channel for the guy who pulled the engine):

The cases are...not what you'd call immaculate. Bike was used offroad by the PO and it shows. No actual damage that I can see, but the cases are scratched up. Does $675 seem fair, given the condition? If you need the throttle body, I'll toss that in for another $25. Engine is in Northern Virginia; I'll deliver free of charge within a couple of hundred miles of me, or ship it to you at cost anywhere in the lower 48.

Happy to field questions, take more pics, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Oh, pics:






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