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2014 Grom Speedometer Problem

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So I picked up someones project Grom a week or so ago. It's got some cool things done to it and some bad things.
I'm fighting the gremlins trying to get this bike going again because I got it so cheap.

I got the new battery installed tonight and noticed when I start the bike the speedometer goes to 2 MPH. If I rev it the speedometer goes higher.

I'm not sure if this is a common problem or its a problem with the wiring.

The bike has a Power Command V and Wide band module. It also had a different headlight installed on it but I removed it due to it not working.
At first I thought it was the rectifier not sending power to the headlight.
I replaced it only to notice one of the wires was unpinned and connected to the tail light circuit.
I repined the terminal and the headlight started working. Now I have the speedometer problem.

I'm starting to realize why I got it for such a steal.

Any Ideas where to start?
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Im not sure why yours does that, I should look at mine to see if it does that. But what I do know, is that you should factor about a 10% flex on the speedometer. For example, I’ve hit 119/120kph on my speedometer but the actual is more like 110kph according to gps. it a a small engine and not finely tuned like racing bikes are. My friend who pays $500/year to get his Triumph tuned to precision. I wouldn’t be concerned about that too much. Hope that helps?
If the rear wheel is off the ground, the oil drag will cause the countershaft to turn and the speedometer is run off of it. You wouldn't be the first to have that happen to.
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