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2 groms for sale in south Florida....come get em

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Hey guys as much as it pains me,I have 2 groms for sale.
The first is a red with 50 miles on it, it has the Composimo tidy tail , pro taper klx bars ,Renthal grips ,safety wired everything important,Goodrige shadow stainless brake lines front and rear,and Ride on tire balancer sealer in the tires besides that bone stock.3200.00 cash
The second is black with 475 on it , it also has the tidy tail ,klx bars,Renthal grips, Goodrige shadow brake lines and Ride on tire balancer sealer.
serious inquiry's will be responded to . Please IM me
3000.00 for the black

Not one scratch on either send me an email address and I will send pics
Thanks for looking
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Sorry I'm firm on those prices 6200.00
Responded to pm
Martin county...
I will be picking up the black one on Sunday!!!
Well the black one is sold, one left , less then 50 miles on it.....Pm me
Yes sir still available , I just responded to your Pm.
I have given people on this site extra parts and paid the shipping to share them ....
Thank you for your kind words Rick , integrity is everything to me.
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