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2,500 mile service guide and torque schedule.

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Hi guys n girls, I've been asked to post a copy of my service guide (based on the actual Honda service info of their computers and the owners manual). All the useful stuff in one place, ready to print of and get dirty in the garage! Enjoy! Hmmm. Can't seem to get the attachment thing working! HELP!
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ask in the site assistance thread mate !
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A service manual and/or some YouTube valve-check, brake replacement, air filter replacement, and oil cleaner service how-to videos would be outstanding at this point. I was hoping one of our British friends would post something since they have the MSX125 now. For some reason, even though the bike has been out in Asia for a while now, there is nothing on YouTube showing any maintenance.
Meah, even if there was it would be in a language I don't understand.
I can email the pdf files to some one else to post up. It just seems to be that my pc (windows 7, nothing unusual) doesn't like the attachment buttons.
PM me and I will give you my email to send them and I will edit your post with them my man.

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its the amount of kb's you can upload, it exceeds the level the site allows as I tried sending them days ago!
I can't even get as far as picking files. When I click the attachments button, all I get is a plain white box. Nothing else.
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