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170cc kit is in the house, Pic, comparison to stock grom cyclinder

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I received my BrianS 170cc kit this afternoon. Kit looks very well made. I took some pic with a stock cylinder for comparison. The kit will not be installed until I get my port/polished head back from Brian and also when I get my second Grom June 15.

Enjoy the pictures.
Cylinder comparison

The piston is a work of art

Warranty notice, same as with most performance equipment sales
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Your killing me! You won't install it until after June 15th D'oh!! I thought you were going to have the first performance reports posted so we all can drool!!!

Let say Brian gets your head ported and polished returned to you this week.

Are you really gonna let it sit around in your house until you get the 2nd From? What if there is a delay in shipment?
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