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16T … Some Results. Needs further testing!

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My friend Cameron and I, installed our 16T Jt Sprockets on Sunday and went out for a 120 mile ride.

I haven't made final any final conclusions so far, but I still don't know how much the wind affected the numbers. The last time i did tests, It was late at night and the freeway was clear. I was able to go north/south with the wind to see the boost of a tailwind!

1) With stock gearing, Intake, Yoshi, Givi A660 windshield I was regularly about to get 65+mph. And with a tailwind, I have hit the rev limiter in 4th. I didn't have the app on at the time, but that should have been 73 or 74mph.

2) With the 16T installed I was only able to get to 70mph for a very brief time. It was difficult to get there. Cameron was drafting a lot, and hit 72MPH GPS.

3) We did conduct a 3 grom race. I was surprised that our 16T started off the line faster compared to a stock Grom, but that could have been caused by any of the other mods that were on my Grom.

The reason why i want as much speed from my grom as possible, bc i do take it on the freeways a lot. I don't really care about the max speed. What I want is to be able to maintain a speed of at least 65mph into a headwind. Before I installing the chimera, there were times riding into a headwind on the freeway I slowed down to 48mph going up a very large incline! That was dangerous… When the wind is blowing that hard, just stay on the frontage road.
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