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始めまして from japan

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well just joined up a couple days ago. I currently am living in fukuoka japan, I have been living out here for about 3 years and lovin it.. I have a garage full of bikes and am totally hooked on the japanese bike scene and decided to add a grom to my collection. I went to the local dealer to check them out they had a yellow and red one in stock and definitely going to pick one up in the next month. just wanted to say hi to everyone and if anyone wants any Japanese bike parts feel free to hit me up i will need some parts from the states soon. My homie out here runs a bike shop so i can usually get parts for cheaper then retail.
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Welcome! I can always use parts! Lol

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Welcome to the site.
Welcome now can you please see if yall got the 180cc kit avail yet. Lol
Welcome, you will have to post pic's up! Lived there from 84 to 89 and miss it so much!!! Would like to see some of japan's mod trends that they are doing to their grom's and other bike's.
sweet welcome, hopefully we can help each other in the future shipping stuff from usa to japan and vice versa.
Welcome japruck81,
Let us know what you need and maybe we (site) can bargin for a trade as such.
Have some interesting conections with Honda in Japan so let us know.
Bet you have a Ruck----us. :smile:
Welcome now can you please see if yall got the 180cc kit avail yet. Lol
yah not out yet prolly a month or 2
thanks for the hospitality definitely cant wait to pick it up.
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