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  1. Grom Performance
    Hi. I am planning to get a 181cc bbk for my 2018 msx, and was wondering if the YUMINASHI POWERSPORT ECU is good or if i should get something like the pv3?
  2. Grom Talk
    Hi all, In need of some help in the UK. I have recently installed a couple of mods to my grom,one of which is a yuminashi powersport ECU. The bike will now not idle on tick over? Is there anything I have missed? I have read that it may be because of the standard throttle body installed is...
  3. Grom Performance
    If you had a choice between the Takegawa 181cc Hyper S-Stage with FI CON 2 or Yuminashi 164 ultimate w/ new version standalone ecu which would it be? I ordered a yuminashi but I'm having seconds thoughts. Anyone have any experience w/ the new ecu w/ datalogger? Can you use The WBC2 from hard...
1-3 of 3 Results