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  1. Monkey not tuned right?

    Monkey Talk
    Wat up monkey heads i added the Yoshimura rs3 full exhaust it ran great, i added the chimera short ram with a sprint filter (po8f1-85) and put a cjr flashed ecu before i took it for a test drive after the intake addition and its got no power now when i ride it sounds like it over revs and goes...
  2. Honda Monkey Does Some Serious Offroad!

    Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Here is the offroad video I was talking about from last week. I couldn't believe the Monkey with stock gearing made it up/down this trail. 1,230ft of elevation gain up to 10,300ft. I don't expect anyone (or myself) to watch this entire thing, but the link begins a 650ft hill climb which...
  3. Non-Scientific Honda Monkey Top Speed Test Series

    Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Top Speed Run #1 - 70ºF 8mph head wind @7,100ft elevation, stock 15/34 gearing, Yoshimura RS-3 Full Race exhaust (no DB killer insert), MNNTHBX Mtake intake, TB performance cam, stock ECU, and Kenda Big Block tires. Speedometer corrected with 12oclock SpeedoDRD speed calibrator confirmed with...
  4. 50-50 Mild Street Build

    Grom Builds
    I've had a Honda CRF50 since about 2007 when pit bikes were still a big thing. Make Pit Bikes Great Again! I set my 50 up for mild street stunt - wheelies and stoppies. You can see my 50 here alongside my 2007 Buell XB12 Scg Lightning. I bought both bikes new and still own them. The Buell...
  5. FS: Yoshimura Honda GROM Fender Eliminator Kit

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling Yoshi Fender Eliminator for $70 shipped. Yoshi Eliminator came with the grom when I bought the bike back in July. Ask for pics through PM.
  6. New Member... Looking for PCV tunes!

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys just joined the forum, was wondering if anyone has any power commander tune files with similar mods as mine so I can get my bike running.... Bike currently has chimera intake, yosh full exhaust, and DCR Cam installed. Any help would be appreciated! its tough to find a decently priced...
  7. Yoshimura Stage 1 Kit

    Dobeck Performance
    Yoshimura Exhaust Stage 1 Kit w/ EJK Gen 3.5 or AFR+ Gen 4 Fuel Solutions Available Yoshimura Exhaust for the Honda Grom: Race Rs-9 w/AFR+ Stage 1 Kit pricing: $757 (Carbon) / $636 (Aluminum) Race RS-9 w/EJK Stage 1 Kit pricing: $652 (Carbon) / $531 (Aluminum) Signature Series w/AFR+ Stage...
  8. F/S: like new Yoshimura Fender Eliminator

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I have a like new Yoshimura fender eliminator. Can provide photos if you need them. I know this is my first post so if anyone is nervous about dealing with me i can provide name/date in the photo for proof. $80 Shipped Paypal and other payment methods ok. Thanks.
  9. 6 month Grommer in Central TX

    Hello all, I picked up my Grom way back in January at Kent Powesports just North of me in Kyle. I've spent the last 6-7 months tweaking around with the bike and making both minor and substantial upgrades. At 6'0" and 140lbs I can only get the bike to hit 64 at full tuck however. The list of what...
  10. Yoshimura fender eliminator (brand new)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    No longer available!
  11. Build: Tiller1k's "The Grominator" Build Thread

    Grom Builds
    I may as well get this thing started. I have ordered a few parts and expect them to arrive this week. Fingers crossed they will be installed before the holiday weekend! My goal is functional/performance improvements before bling. Don't worry though, there will be bling. I have been thinking...
  12. grom is here !

    Grom Talk
    the grom at yoshimura r&d.