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  1. Grom Talk
    For some reason I CAN'T get the Grom up in 2nd gear. I can ride wheelies in first gear for days, but can't get it up in 2nd gear. My bike is stock, including stock gearing. Do I need to go down to a 14t sprocket in the front to get it up in second? I'm sick of doing wheelies at 10-15 MPH when I...
  2. Grom Talk
    Would a 12/stock sprocket combo cause any problems with my 15 grom? The overall ratio looks about the same as a 14/40. I live in town and speed limits barely pass 40mph. Im wanting to gear for stunting.
  3. Grom Talk
    I have the fender eliminator on my grom. As this is awesome at the same time i cant get my wheelies just right in fear of smashing my rear lights. Does anyone out there know of a good wheelie or scrape bar that isnt too expensive that i can simply buy (not build) for my grom? I just want the...
  4. Grom Talk
    What's up, guys! This thread is meant to showcase your Honda Grom/MSX 125 videos. As a YouTuber, I post videos/MotoVlogs on my Grom almost daily. I'm always interested in finding other vloggers/riders. Post your video and/or YouTube channel name below and I'll check it out/subscribe. Thanks...
  5. Grom Talk
    Headed to America's Got Talent on my grom. They called me a month ago and I will be auditioning January 28th and performing on the show in the spring. If you don't know me i do the crazy tandem wheelies with my girlfriend! I also have a team (Shoemaker Stunts Entertainment) if you're good and...
1-5 of 5 Results