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  1. Grom sputtering and dying

    Grom Performance
    I have a yuminashi 164bbk. Has the high compression piston and valves. Ive been running it on the stock ecu and injector for awhile now (the ones it came with were no good) and it ran pretty good. Plenty of power etc. I know it was running lean because of the bbk so I just bought the pcx150...
  2. WTB: PCV and WB2

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking to pick up a Power Commander and Wideband 2 controller. Located in Georgia.
  3. dynojet/wb2 help

    I've been talking with Hardracing about the pcv/wb2 and they've been extremely helpful on educating me on what exactly is happening. I just want to get more input on other peoples experiences and how you worked the parameters. I used to reach 70-72 mph on the freeway but after installing the...