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  1. 2015 White Grom (Few upgrades)

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Just did the break in oil change/valve check: $200 in service fees Fender eliminator ($60) Flush front LED turn signals ($25) Aftermarket levers ($30) Integrated tail light (Competition Werkes) ($120) Corbin seat ($350) RPM One Theft Protection (up to $2500) - Cost ($500) Stock everything...
  2. Hello From Virginia Beach, VA!!

    Hey guys, Names Corey and i live in VB. Looking to buy a Grom around Jan. Feb. With my tax return money. Hopefully Ill fit as im am 6' 1" and 204lbs haha. Will be getting the white body work and doing some other mods eventually. Look forward to meeting some new people and maybe get a Grom club...