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  1. TYGA tail tidy not compatible with OVER exhaust

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    Hi all, Decided to give the TYGA tail tidy an install attempt yesterday. After dropping one of the OEM bolts in the frame tube (crap), I encountered some other questions / issues: The blinkers have a yellow and black wire each. The connector (female) part that's attached to the thicker black...
  2. Tyga full exhaust system. *testing waters*

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    I have a carbon tyga full exhaust system. 600 miles on it. Asking for $250
  3. Tyga Performace

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    Just wanted to share my experience dealing with Paul at Tyga. I ordered a few goodies like Ohlin H424 , Ohlin fork kit, and a few other things. everything was in stock, communication was seamless, delivery was super quick and his prices were the best I could get. I am am not associated...
  4. Newbie exhaust upgrade question

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    So I just bought my Grom about a month ago and already upgraded the exhaust with a TYGA. I heard that I also should order a new intake filter. I saw online that people have the "power commander" for fuel regulation and now I am really confused. Do I need the power commander? What upgrades...
  5. Interested in trading my Tyga Maggot Full Exhaust

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    Mods please delete MODS PLEASE DELETE, got what I needed, thanks!
  6. new pipe at my doorstep *exited*

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    When I get home from work, there should be a nice sized box on my bedroom floor with my Tyga Maggot full system in it. I have been told I should pre silence it? are they really that loud? does anyone know what Decibel reading they give out? Thank you
  7. Tyga Maggot Vs Two Brothers SR1

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    Hi lads, - I'm stuck, deciding between the maggot and the SR1. I way prefer the look of the maggot. But I want the nicest noise possible for my grom. As I have never heard any in the person it's hard to make a choice, the maggot is really favourited by a lot of people, but listening to the two...