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  1. Rocky Creek Designs Motopressor Mini Pump Motorcycle Tire Pump

    Moto Machines
    This is the latest and quite frankly the best tire pump for motorcycle tires, in our opinion of course. This pump allows you to preselect a pressure for an easy and remote refill. Simply connect the pump to either your motorcycle battery or a mini jump starter. Select a pressure in PSI, BAR, or...
  2. Michelin Power Pures Tire Life

    Grom Wheels & Tires
    For those of you riding on Michelin tires. What kind of tire life have you gotten out of them from normal everyday commuting? I'm currently riding on Dunlop TT93s at 26psi for commuting. I would estimate that I rode the dunlops about 1k-2k miles and the rear tire is already nearing the tire...
  3. Rear Tire Replacement Questions

    Grom Wheels & Tires
    I recently just bought a Grom with 2,900 miles on her. It appears the previous driver liked to lean hard into turns. With that said, I almost took a digger today going around a bend (which I did not lean into aggressively and was not going fast). I have attached a picture of the rear tire for...
  4. Rear Tire Hugger Splash Guard

    Rear mud Guard for the Honda Grom / MSX 125 ~44 USD + Shipping ~19 USD to the US / Canada Order here: HONDA MSX125 / GROM SPLASH GUARD