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throttle body

  1. Upgrading throttle body

    Grom Talk
    I'm thinking of swapping the throttle body and have a few questions: 1) Do I need to de-pressurise the fuel system to swap over the injector or just leave injector attached and then fit it after to the TB once attached? 2) Do I just pull the tps off and put it on the new one (The koso 34mm...
  2. Wanted stock throttle body

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Im looking for a OEM throttle body just seeing if any one has done an upgrade and has one lying around they want to sell.
  3. Idle air control

    Grom Performance
    I just received an over bored throttle body and it does not have the pass through for an iac set up. My question is will I have a cell with the motor unplugged or should I just put the motor in the blank and leave it plugged in?