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  1. My experience with Takegawa 181cc (idle, take off and cold start issues) and my FIX!!

    Grom Talk
    So I just want to share my experience with my Honda Grom engine upgrade kit that I purchased from Posting this just in case anyone else is needing a little help if they are having this same issue. Purchased items: Takegawa 181cc BBK, MNNTHBX Exhuast (not purchased from HR)...
  2. Takegawa Hyper S Stage 181cc Big bore kit + FiCon2 + Compact cooler 4 fin - Temps

    Grom Performance
    Hi All, There wasn't a thread here with the same setup with Temp info. So I thought I should start one to share my experience with it. Temperatures for Day time where I'm at is between 30C (86F) to 33C (91F). Stock Temp reading going at 80-90+km/hr for 15mins: Temp reading on stock cylinder...