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  1. Grom shock adjustment

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    I recently bought the Racingbros rear mono shock and have been reading up on preload adjustments to help compliment your weight. Is there a specific sag or preload measurement that I should be aiming for? I occasionally ride track and canyons and would like to setup for that type of riding...
  2. Air Suspension

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    Looking to possibly get a good air suspension for my 2018 grom, was wondering if anyone has ever done business with M-level? and/or how was it? link : Home Thanks
  3. HRC & Yamaha Motor Co. teaming up to make ....

    Grom Talk
    Just announced..... Honda Motor Co. & Yamaha Motors are joining forces to develop scooters for their domestic market. Could be a long shot, but would a Honda/Yamaha hybrid 600 or 1000cc bike be nice? What are your thoughts ? Once rivals, Honda, Yamaha Motor announce scooter tie-up | Reuters...
  4. MNNTHBX Full Race Fork & Triple Clamp : First Impressions (And Pics!)

    Grom Performance
    Alright, elephant in the room here... It's expensive. When I picked up my Grom a month ago for $3,199 I would have never imagined I'd be spending almost half the cost of the bike on a new front end. However at 6'1" and 220 lbs, the stock suspension was...lacking. Just like everyone else on...
  5. Grom suspension forks and shocks

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    I figured I'd start this. I think it will be needed soon. Once we figure out the forks I'll buy this! Y.S.S. - Rear Shock, YSS, Full Adjustment, MSX125 - Other Products. :big smile: Wow this is a bargain. I almost pulled the trigger but decided to ride my grom first, just about a month.