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  1. Racing Bros Fork Install

    Grom Performance
    I did the Racing Bros fork kit yesterday. Thanks Steady Garage for offering a fully-adjustable kit! Wanted to put down some of my thoughts on the install process, things that weren't mentioned or may not be obvious from the instructions and videos available. 1) Lifting the front end without...
  2. Grom shock adjustment

    Grom Talk
    I recently bought the Racingbros rear mono shock and have been reading up on preload adjustments to help compliment your weight. Is there a specific sag or preload measurement that I should be aiming for? I occasionally ride track and canyons and would like to setup for that type of riding...
  3. Air Suspension

    Vendor Reviews / Links
    Looking to possibly get a good air suspension for my 2018 grom, was wondering if anyone has ever done business with M-level? and/or how was it? link : Home Thanks
  4. HRC & Yamaha Motor Co. teaming up to make ....

    Grom Talk
    Just announced..... Honda Motor Co. & Yamaha Motors are joining forces to develop scooters for their domestic market. Could be a long shot, but would a Honda/Yamaha hybrid 600 or 1000cc bike be nice? What are your thoughts ? Once rivals, Honda, Yamaha Motor announce scooter tie-up | Reuters...
  5. MNNTHBX Full Race Fork & Triple Clamp : First Impressions (And Pics!)

    Grom Performance
    Alright, elephant in the room here... It's expensive. When I picked up my Grom a month ago for $3,199 I would have never imagined I'd be spending almost half the cost of the bike on a new front end. However at 6'1" and 220 lbs, the stock suspension was...lacking. Just like everyone else on...
  6. Grom suspension forks and shocks

    Grom Talk
    I figured I'd start this. I think it will be needed soon. Once we figure out the forks I'll buy this! Y.S.S. - Rear Shock, YSS, Full Adjustment, MSX125 - Other Products. :big smile: Wow this is a bargain. I almost pulled the trigger but decided to ride my grom first, just about a month.