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  1. Stunt Grom for Newbie :)

    Grom Talk
    Heyyyy, I need a little guidance... I am planning to get a Grom and wanna learn/work on stunting. If i get an eliminator will that prevent the use of a subcage and vice versa? if anything what subcage does one recommend? I happen to see a set on FB with StunAholix that has both a crash cage and...
  2. 2017 Nothern Ohio Grommers

    Grom Events
    Hey everyone! Just checking in to see if there are any grommers in northern Ohio. I'm from Akron, but haven't seen alot out yet!! :redgrom::hondalogo::redgrom::hondalogo:
  3. any 12bar that fits with the vagabond motorsport fender eliminator?

    Grom Builds
    i'm looking for a 12bar and many people seemed to have deleted the flashers when installing a 12bar. am I right? I currently have a vagabond motorsports fender eliminator kit, and I wondered if any 12 bar would fit with it? I want to keep my flashers. Also, do I need a subcage or frame braces to...
  4. Northern Cal-South bay Grom

    Hi, i think it's finally time to join the forum. I bought my 2015 Honda Grom in yellow at motorcafe in Sunnyvale about 3 1/2 months ago. I paid it off the first night seeing as how I wanted to have this be my "fun" bike. A little history about me is I've been riding for quite some years and my...
  5. America's Got Talent Bound on a Grom

    Grom Talk
    Headed to America's Got Talent on my grom. They called me a month ago and I will be auditioning January 28th and performing on the show in the spring. If you don't know me i do the crazy tandem wheelies with my girlfriend! I also have a team (Shoemaker Stunts Entertainment) if you're good and...
  6. Build: The Black Street Rager Grom Play by Play

    Grom Builds
    Hey Guys, While doing the build on my FZ09 I was asked to post up my Grom build. I will back date it a bit but I still have a long way to go on this beast! I just picked up a Grom for my girlfriend to ride around with me and I am pretty pumped about it. So pumped I ended up buying one the next...
  7. Grom Stunt rider needed

    Grom Talk
    Can you do stunts on your Honda Grom? Would you Like to be featured in a short stunt video? send us a message or email us for more details. [email protected]