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  1. SF Bay Area CA - Honda Grom Stolen!

    Grom Talk
    Yep, it happened to me. Thieves took my bike last night. Trying to repost this everywhere so be on the lookout for the bike or its parts... Chain cut and stolen from Redwood City this morning. White. Yoshimura exhaust, projector headlight, aftermarket sport seat, aftermarket mirrors, gold...
  2. STOLEN GROM! Help!

    Grom Talk
    A fellow gromer in Omaha, Ne had his bike stolen last night. I know this is a nation wide forum but any info might help. The bike was originally black, but plasti-dipped the teal color. Theres also a picture of the guy stealing it. If anyone knows the thief or any of the parts go for sale in the...
  3. Stolen

    North East Grom Owners
    Hey Guys, My red grom was stolen from the Mount Vernon, NY area. It's completely stock. I'm sure it's long gone by now, but I'd appreciate if anyone kept an eye out for it. Thanks!
  4. I just LOVE Tucson now...

    Grom Talk
    Over the weekend, my 2014 Grom was stolen. JACKED I SAY. Keep an eye out for it. Flat grey, MNNTHBX delete, otherwise pretty stock. Dropped a tooth in the front, but not like you can see that. VIN: MLHJC6119E5000057 Was last in my spot at my apartments. It was locked, however, not to...