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  1. Grom Performance
    Howdy All, First post here, So I'm new to the 2022 Grom, its my first bike. I have the black one and I love it. Anywho, I decided to grab a 14T sprocket for it. After comparing the new 14T to the factory 15T. I noticed that the inner teeth on the 14T sprocket are smaller than the factory 15T...
  2. Monkey Talk
    Hello all I have a 2021 monkey and I’ve been searching for the best gearing. I went down one tooth to a 14 in the front got some good acceleration however I really wanted more top end so I went to a 16 in front and a 32 in back but I lost a lot of acceleration and I didn’t gain any top end at...
1-2 of 2 Results