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  1. Grom Talk
    Video: Is it normal? I checked the chain alignment and slack with the dealer, and it's fine. But after I got back home, I still...
  2. Grom Gear and Accessories
    Basically I bought a 16t front sprocket in hopes to gain more top speed but I don’t know which rear sprocket I need to increase top speed. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Grom Talk
    I saw this on reddit: Look at this shit! lmao
  4. Grom Talk
    I purchased the Superlite 14T countershaft sprocket, Superlite 34T rear sprocket and a DID 420 NZ3 chain. The Superlite front sprocket is quite a bit thinner than the stock sprocket. Even with the two sprocket bolts torqued to factory specs the countershaft sprocket has a ton of play as you...
  5. Grom Talk
    Hey guys- So I have a 2018 Grom w/ ABS (it was the only one left as I rather not have ABS). I just changed sprockets from the factory 15/34 to a 14/36 set up and I love it. The only issue is now after riding for 10 minutes or so the ABS light comes on and continuously flashes at me. I have...
  6. Grom Talk
    Would a 12/stock sprocket combo cause any problems with my 15 grom? The overall ratio looks about the same as a 14/40. I live in town and speed limits barely pass 40mph. Im wanting to gear for stunting.
  7. Grom Performance
    I have looked through other threads, but could not get a def answer on a ratio to work with. Right now the previous owner set the bike to stock front and 32 in the rear. I'm finding low end tough is good, but 4th gear is non existent and I actually get the bike to go fast in 3rd gear. I weight...
  8. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I have 2 front sprockets with 14 teeth. Anyone want to trade me for a stock 15 tooth sprocket (in reasonably good condition)? Sure, you could buy one like this for $8 + shipping. But then it wouldn't be used like mine. :big smile: PM me if you want to arrange a trade. Thanks!
  9. Grom Talk
    My thoughts/reviews/recommendations/observations from my now 2,500 miles on the Grom! (NOTE: ADDED pictures of Koso DB-03R gauge and Custom LED Taillight on page 5!!) (NOTE: ADDED pictures of Dual Hotlap Exhaust system on page 4!!) (NOTE: ADDED pictures of front sprocket cover on page 3!!)...
  10. Grom Talk
    Has anyone purchased and received any of these parts yet? Leo Vince Corsa "carbon fiber" pipe (I heard the Yosh full system but I am fearful that it would be too loud for passenger) 14 tooth front sprocket I went to my dealer but no one shows any parts available. I search online and I see...
1-10 of 10 Results