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  1. HRC & Yamaha Motor Co. teaming up to make ....

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    Just announced..... Honda Motor Co. & Yamaha Motors are joining forces to develop scooters for their domestic market. Could be a long shot, but would a Honda/Yamaha hybrid 600 or 1000cc bike be nice? What are your thoughts ? Once rivals, Honda, Yamaha Motor announce scooter tie-up | Reuters...
  2. YSS Gas Rear Shock Absorber with External Reservoir

    Quality YSS rear shock with external Reservoir! YSS part# MC302-250T ~130 USD + Shipping ~62 USD by Airmail to the US / Canada Order here: YSS external reservoir gas shock grom msx
  3. Help Choosing Alarm System for Grom?

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    So I walk out to the parking lot Monday morning at my apartment to find my bike missing. Apparently, someone wanted my parking spot and had picked up and moved my bike over into the parking spot that had my car. Obviously I found this alarming so I've decided to opt for an alarm system to...
  4. Grom suspension forks and shocks

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    I figured I'd start this. I think it will be needed soon. Once we figure out the forks I'll buy this! Y.S.S. - Rear Shock, YSS, Full Adjustment, MSX125 - Other Products. :big smile: Wow this is a bargain. I almost pulled the trigger but decided to ride my grom first, just about a month.