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  1. rear axle thread pitch

    Grom Wheels & Tires
    lost my rear axke nut the other day and was wondering if someone knows what the thread pitch is on the rear axle thanks in advance!
  2. Accessing Rear Brake Reservoir

    Grom Talk
    What is the best way to get to the rear brake master cylinder reservoir for the purpose of doing a brake fluid flush on a 2017+ Grom SF?
  3. Ermax Front/Rear Hugger

    Moto Machines
    Ermax is a French manufacturer that makes stylish and affordable accessories for many different motorcycles. The Ermax Front Hugger for the MSX 125 Grom gives the bike a unique twist and helps it stand out from the other Groms. The front hugger gives the bike a more complete look to it and is...
  4. Rear Luggage for the Grom! Hepco & Becker Rear Rack

    Moto Machines
    The Grom may be small, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for less when it comes to storage. Anything is possible with the Hepco & Becker Minirack for Honda Grom. A Hepco & Becker rear rack or rear tail bag can be mounted to the Minirack available for the Grom. The Minirack is custom...
  5. Spyker Swingarm Rear Axle Length

    Grom Talk
    So I purchased my grom last winter with a very long swingarm and i wanted it back to stock length and decided to get an aftermarket swingarm, why not. I got a spyker swingarm and after stunting on it a few times i bent the rear axle. I've ordered the oem rear axle from steadygarage and thought...
  6. Sprocket Swap Geared for Top Speed

    Grom Performance
    I have looked through other threads, but could not get a def answer on a ratio to work with. Right now the previous owner set the bike to stock front and 32 in the rear. I'm finding low end tough is good, but 4th gear is non existent and I actually get the bike to go fast in 3rd gear. I weight...
  7. Need this asap please help

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Honda GROM 3 Rear Plastic Fairing Panels carbon fiber. My Grom is white and Carbon and my rear seat is white and carbon but before i put it on i need this part really bad. Can anybody help me? I live in NY and can pay ASAP. Must be glossy carbon fiber. Thank you so much.
  8. Wheelie bar

    Grom Talk
    I have the fender eliminator on my grom. As this is awesome at the same time i cant get my wheelies just right in fear of smashing my rear lights. Does anyone out there know of a good wheelie or scrape bar that isnt too expensive that i can simply buy (not build) for my grom? I just want the...
  9. Rear Tire Hugger Splash Guard License Plate Holder

    License plate holder as rear tire splash guard for Honda Grom / MSX 125 ~36 USD + Shipping ~20 USD to the US / Canada Order here: Rear tire hugger license plate splash guard for MSX125 / GROM SPLASH GUARD
  10. Rear Tire Hugger Splash Guard

    Rear mud Guard for the Honda Grom / MSX 125 ~44 USD + Shipping ~19 USD to the US / Canada Order here: HONDA MSX125 / GROM SPLASH GUARD
  11. Rear Axle Bolt - Stripped

    Grom Talk
    I haven't done anything except adjust the chain over the last year, tightening to 44 ft lbs. I replaced tonight - a 10 minute job that cost me around $10. Anyone else experienced this? It seems like the lock nut does cut into the threads a bit.
  12. FS: OEM rear sets

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I had bought a spare set and had them powder coated. I no longer need this set. Comes complete with driver and passenger foot pegs. $75 shipped (Cont. USA only).
  13. Powder Coated OEM rearsets

    Grom Gear and Accessories
    I just got these back from the powder coating shop, and they look great! I can't wait to put them on the Grom.