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    Can't seem to find a thread of various 1/4 or 1/8 mile times. Figured we should start one for some friendly competition. Then maybe we can branch off with the fastest 125, 143 etc... Post your mods and 1/8 times or 1/4. But if you run 1/4 please share your 1/8 times as well for easy comparison...
  2. Grom Events
    COME RACE WITH US! Motor-Scooter International is an x-treme endurance road racing organization for small wheel scooters and motorcycles. MSILSF strongly recommends racing leathers, boots, gloves and a full-coverage Snell approved helmet. But this definitely looks like long-sleeve...
  3. Southeast Grom Owners
    So my buddy FloppyZebra and I rode around looking for track ideas in Brevard County, FL last night. I decided to grab the images from Google Earth and draw up the tracks we came up with. More to follow :smile: