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  1. Grom revs, but there's no acceleration

    Grom Talk
    I took my Grom on a 75 mile ride after installing some modifications and she rode great. There were no problems at all. An hour later, I went on a 7 mile ride with a passenger. Again, there were no problems. Then, 2 hours later, I went to go ride home. The bike started up just fine and I rode...
  2. Speed and power problems

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys. I'm a proud owner of a MSXSF 2016. The bike is practically brand-new only couple months old but I've noticed that It chokes on fourth gear. First gear until third are great, the problem is that when I switch to 4th gear it's as if the engine is not realeasing its full power . I...
  3. Brand New Grom Need Help with Mods

    Grom Talk
    Hello everyone, brand new member with the forum and a very happy new grom owner! Put 100 miles on the bike this past weekend and I love it, but I am a big guy (250lbs) and could only get up the bike up to 56 mph on a decline in full tuck. I need to get more power out of this.. What is a nice...
  4. Michelin Power Pure SC Installation Direction

    Grom Wheels & Tires
    Hello, I wanted to bring up a discussion point for the correct way to install the Michelin Power Pure SC tires, because there are a few directional cues on the tires that I found to be very confusing. On the rear tire, there are directional arrows on the edge of the tread, which I've taken to...