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  1. Grom Gear and Accessories
    Hello all! A buddy and I are going to be purchasing some Groms here in the coming month or so. I need some help trying to locate a FULL set of either OEM or aftermarket fairings. I've found motorcross styled plastics or full-body fairings like a Repsol kit, but I'm just looking for a stock...
  2. Grom Talk
    After many hours of searching, comparing, etc. I have compiled a complete list of the colors, color codes, and part numbers for all the plastics on the Honda Grom 2014 through 2019. Some plastics I found a part number but seem to be discontinued/Unavailable at dealers or only available outside...
  3. Grom Talk
    Does anybody sell 2019 OEM body panels in stock colors (Blue Raspberry, Halloween Orange, etc.)? What is the install process like for switching out panels, front fender, and so on? I'm wondering if it would be relatively easy to change to a different stock color. Thanks in advance for any help...
  4. Grom Talk
    Unfortunately, I need to replace my plastics due to a crash.. but honestly not trying to spend $200 for a entire set. So I am testing my luck here! Anybody have left side plastics in pearl white for a 2017 Grom laying around?
  5. Grom Talk
    Hey Guys, I'm new here! I have been in the scene so long that I have enough parts to build a second bike. Except plastics and frame. Is there a difference between the 2014 and 2017 frames? Part numbers are 50100-k26-910 and 50100-k26-b10 The 2017 frame is half the price?!??
  6. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, I just purchased a new 2017 Grom. I purchases a pearl white one back in June and my dealer said he couldn't get it to me until Sep. So, I said just give me any color you can get your hands on. Well I got the bright yellow. Looking to sell my bright yellow plastics and get the stock...
1-6 of 6 Results