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  1. Bike Flipped, Need New Parts & Advice

    Grom Talk
    Hey All, Let a buddy ride my new (used) 17 Grom. He for some f'n reason ended up slamming the front brakes, front flipping it and himself. The Damage isn't horrific but definitely saddening. It ended up cracking the speedo, front headlamp clear-plastic-cover (upper portion), brake light...
  2. Need 2014 Honda Grom Rectifier Voltage Regulator

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    As the title mentions, the voltage regulator on my 2014 grom is trashed and i need a new one as fast as possible. My bike works fine, but the only thing that doesn't work is the headlight, and since it illegal where i live to ride without a headlight and the cops hate bikers, i have a real issue...
  3. 2017 SF Grom Oem parts for sale

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling a few of the OEM parts that I removed from my 2017 SF grom. Bike currently has 36 miles on it, so these parts have less than that on it.. I have: The factory rear fender/mudguard--Comes with the tag mount, tag light, turn signals, wiring , and bolts that connect it to the tail end--35...
  4. Grom parts

    Hi guys. Where are you getting grom parts? I always purchase from webike japan.
  5. any 12bar that fits with the vagabond motorsport fender eliminator?

    Grom Builds
    i'm looking for a 12bar and many people seemed to have deleted the flashers when installing a 12bar. am I right? I currently have a vagabond motorsports fender eliminator kit, and I wondered if any 12 bar would fit with it? I want to keep my flashers. Also, do I need a subcage or frame braces to...
  6. Grom Catalytic Converter

    Grom Talk
    Hello Fellow Grommers, According to the parts catalog of our Honda Grom's, we have a catalytic converter. My question is has anybody ever scrapped it and if so, what were you able to get out of it? Thanks!!!
  7. FS|| Stock OEM take off parts & random others

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Up for sale are a few stock OEM take off parts. 0 miles on them. Make an offer on all parts unless price is posted. Paypal ready. Willing to ship anywhere in the US. - Stock handlebars $28 Shipped - Stock mirror $20 Shipped - Stock front turn signals (plug cut off) $20 Shipped -...
  8. '14 Grom OEM take offs

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    I tore this thing apart with zero miles on it. All parts listed are oem and brand new never used. Handle bars Risers/bar clamps, bolts & lock nuts Bar ends & screws (Not stripped! Removed with impact) Verbally sold Clutch lever Front break lever Clutch & brake housing handle bar clamps & bolts...
  9. New grom owner/dealership parts guy here!

    Just wanted to say hello to my fellow grom owners! I'm super excited to be on the site and havin a blast on my new black grom so far! I'm an assistant parts manager at a decent sized powersports dealership in NC, (honda, kawasaki, polaris, suzuki and yamaha)... If i can be of any help for...
  10. Parts Availability Question

    Grom Talk
    Has anyone purchased and received any of these parts yet? Leo Vince Corsa "carbon fiber" pipe (I heard the Yosh full system but I am fearful that it would be too loud for passenger) 14 tooth front sprocket I went to my dealer but no one shows any parts available. I search online and I see...