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  1. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Brand new with all components. I take paypal,zelle, venmo. Add $10 for shipping
    $260 USD
  2. Grom Builds
    I am looking to upgrade the rear shock on my 2020 Grom but I am not sure which route is the best route to go. I weigh 225. I don't mind spending the money for bigger names IF they are worth the money. I don't stunt with this bike, just cruise. Will eventually be a "show" grom as opposed to a...
  3. Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Hello from Texas! The list is getting long. It's almost easier to list what is OEM at this point and I have more plans for it. :D
  4. Grom Performance
    Sorry, took so long to get this published. We've got a lot of projects we are working on and this got pushed back a few weeks. But, we finally got it posted up. This is the all new Ohlins HO047 Rear shock, that has been specifically designed for the all new 2022-23 Grom RR JC21 The HO047 Shock...
  5. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hello all, I got a 2020 Monkey last January and took it right from the store over to the race shop and did a ton of work (photo below.) I've had the stock parts sitting in a box in my garage since then and figure I could unload them/help anyone that might need them. All parts are in mint...
  6. Grom Performance
    I did the Racing Bros fork kit yesterday. Thanks Steady Garage for offering a fully-adjustable kit! Wanted to put down some of my thoughts on the install process, things that weren't mentioned or may not be obvious from the instructions and videos available. 1) Lifting the front end without...
  7. Grom Builds
    Hi, i got my from for a few months but first time posting here. This is how it look like at first Black with red stickers and gold rims!!!!:shocked: I told my dealer to remove all red stickers and paint my rims. Few days later it look like different bike after : - tail tidy -LED front and...
  8. Grom Gear and Accessories
    Any options yet for a linear steering damper vs. the rotary Scotts or GPR? Anyone figure out a combo of generic Ohlins damper and brackets that works perhaps?
  9. Grom Performance
    Hey guys, I tried to use google before I made a new thread, but I couldn't find anything. Where can I get a dual carbon fiber exhaust (slip on or full system) and will it interfere with an ohlins rear shock? I also saw some threads where people were concerned that the exhaust would melt the turn...
1-9 of 10 Results