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  1. Help me identify chain adj.!!!

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    Hey dudes! Im kinda frustrated as all get out trying to figure out what chain adjusters are on my grom- I purchased it with plenty of aftermarket parts, and have identified all of them except these fellas. I want to say they look like OTB adjusters- but the spinny things on the back just throw...
  2. Maintenance tips? Clueless 18 year old!

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    Hi all! I’m in love with my 2014 Honda Grom. The person I purchased it off of had boughten it brand new from a dealership, pimped it out, clocked 270 miles on it and decided to sell it! Super nice dude, anyways. I have absolutely no clue how to tighten a chain, where the drain bolt is for the...
  3. Tips and tricks? New 2014 Honda Grom owner

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    Hey guys! After searching and researching, I laid my eyes upon a 2014 Honda Grom. Literally picked it up yesterday- previous owner pretty much decked it out and only put 270 miles on it and gave it to me for an insane price. Any tips and tricks to help me? Got this for a learner bike as my only...
  4. Grom as First Bike?

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    Hey guys, I hope I'm not duplicating threads here, I checked the search forum function and it didn't look like anyone had asked this before. Do you guys think the Grom is a decent first bike? I've looked over the forums for a few hours and it seems like people are happy with these little...
  5. Hi, from an ultra noob.

    Hi all, I've never ridden anything on two wheels (hence the ultra noob) but i desperately want to. I was thinking about a dual sport or supermoto or something similar but the seat height is too high for me to feel comfortable being a beginning rider and very short. That basically leaves me with...