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  1. Honda MSX125 UK
    Hi guys, I am selling my 2015 Honda MSX125/Grom. It's a great bike with a few extras fitted (exhaust, ProTaper bars etc) I've posted the link to the gumtree ad below, let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks...
  2. Grom Talk
    Hey guys. I'm a proud owner of a MSXSF 2016. The bike is practically brand-new only couple months old but I've noticed that It chokes on fourth gear. First gear until third are great, the problem is that when I switch to 4th gear it's as if the engine is not realeasing its full power . I...
  3. Grom Talk
    Has anyone any idea where i can buy good parts for my Grom in Europe? Because if i order from the US i have to pay a shit-load of taxes and i'm not so in to that. :redgrom:
  4. Grom Builds
    Hi all, Now that 90% of the parts for my first phase have been ordered I thought I'll start by creating my build thread. 2th phase will mainly be engine related upgrade but as it's winter in Belgium I'm waiting for spring so temperature rises a bit :) Been active in the mini 4-stroke world for...
  5. Grom Talk
    MSX is nice but I wasn't sure to make the big jump giving back the street motorbike for the small MSX.... During EICMA motor show in Milan I had the occasion to try it on small track.... ??? It's lovely!!!!! Nice engine and very good handling!!!! I'll take it for sure ?
  6. Grom Reviews, Rides and Impressions
    Hey all. My adventure for two wheels began with a Ruckus last summer. I was going to buy a new one but then my boss said he'd sell me his 2006 Ruckus with low miles for $800. If it's too good to be true, it is. He is a great guy but never ended up selling me his Ruckus (I think he has a slight...
  7. Grom Talk
    When I get home from work, there should be a nice sized box on my bedroom floor with my Tyga Maggot full system in it. I have been told I should pre silence it? are they really that loud? does anyone know what Decibel reading they give out? Thank you
1-7 of 23 Results