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  1. CJR Dynojet 250i Information Thread V2 - Grom / Monkey / Super Cub (Lots of Graphs)

    Grom Performance
    Hey Guys, Dropping in to start a new thread with the upgraded dyno to split up the data. I have learned a LOT over the years and this new dyno is full awesome features to get the most out of the builds. I am going to do my best to keep this updated each Friday/every other Friday. I am working on...
  2. Honda Monkey Does Some Serious Offroad!

    Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Here is the offroad video I was talking about from last week. I couldn't believe the Monkey with stock gearing made it up/down this trail. 1,230ft of elevation gain up to 10,300ft. I don't expect anyone (or myself) to watch this entire thing, but the link begins a 650ft hill climb which...
  3. Bazzaz ZFi Maps for Monkey 125 mods

    Monkey Talk
    As accessible as the Bazzaz website is, there seems to be a lacking of shared maps for the Bazzaz ZFi. Has anyone running the BAzzaz on their Monkey got a few different reliable maps they wish to share amongst Monkey friends? Big Thanks to Bazzaz for their research into the base maps which...
  4. HOW FAST is the new HONDA MONKEY? [RAW Onboard]

    Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Youtuber named Schaaf (Sheep!) riding a Monkey