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  1. Monkey Talk
    So I have a 21/22 Monkey 5speed and I'm looking for an aracer ECU, but I'm a bit lost which model I should get. I've found one but the one they say is for the '22 5 speed won't fit mine( the plugs don't match) Now I have also seen they sell one for the '19/21 model that would fit...
  2. Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Hello from Texas! The list is getting long. It's almost easier to list what is OEM at this point and I have more plans for it. :D
  3. Monkey Builds
    Hi everyone, I would like to know if anyone has already mount a CT125 headlight on a monkey 125? I saw on Dreamparts that they are compatible but I would like to be sure. Thank you ✌
  4. Monkey Talk
    There doesn't seem to be any collated info on the aftermarket seats available, so I thought I'd start this thread. If we get a good response, hopefully we can sticky this. I've personally got the stock seat, but I'm looking at upgrading to the GCraft Dantsuki Seat in the coming months. I've...
  5. Monkey Talk
    Good Day, So we have maybe herd of the Cannon ball ride? Maybe not? I just herd of a group of guys " Soldiers of Destiny Scooter Club ". I dont know if any one here's this up and running for the Monkey? But I am interested. I ride often usually biker bikes, But I am going to ride in August...
1-5 of 6 Results