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  1. Interested in trading my Tyga Maggot Full Exhaust

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Mods please delete MODS PLEASE DELETE, got what I needed, thanks!
  2. new pipe at my doorstep *exited*

    Grom Talk
    When I get home from work, there should be a nice sized box on my bedroom floor with my Tyga Maggot full system in it. I have been told I should pre silence it? are they really that loud? does anyone know what Decibel reading they give out? Thank you
  3. Tyga Maggot Vs Two Brothers SR1

    Grom Performance
    Hi lads, - I'm stuck, deciding between the maggot and the SR1. I way prefer the look of the maggot. But I want the nicest noise possible for my grom. As I have never heard any in the person it's hard to make a choice, the maggot is really favourited by a lot of people, but listening to the two...