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  1. Help with Headlights?

    Grom Builds
    Okay guys to start off I have a 2014 grom. I have a set of the alchemy parts dual led light bar headlight kit. but It just has a simple headlight plug (I believe h4?) that goes straight to where the stock headlight would plug into but after plugging it in it doesn’t come on? I used alligator...
  2. Pair of KOSO flexible LED Turn Signals

    KOSO LED Turn Signals One pair of strong flexible LED turn signals that would survive most crashes. Made by KOSO ~ 84 USD + plus shipping ~ 8 USD by Airmail to the US / Canada Order here: Grom / MSX 125 KOSO LED Turn Signals
  3. Hotbodies TAG Fender Eliminator Review

    Grom Gear and Accessories
    Looks: This kit looks amazing once installed. I was pretty set on getting a fender eliminator that had separate turn signals from the brake light. I know for many drivers turn signals can be easily overlooked in an integrated tail light. The only concern I have with this is that, because the...
  4. Flush LED front turns won't blink?

    Grom Talk
    Running lights come on, but when I try to use the turn signals it just turns off & the opposite side stays lit? I am also running an integrated LED tail light and have installed the HD relay behind the headlight... any ideas? Here's my Grom, just got it a few days ago :big smile:
  5. FS: Competition Werkes LED Integrated Tail Light *BNIB* So-Cal

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Originally bought because my exhaust was touching my turn signals, but I was able to make a separate bracket for them. It's never been opened and I purchased it from $85.00 Firm, Paypal only. Unless you'd like to meet in person in which I'd accept $80.00 Thank you!
  6. LED headlight surround kit

    So what do you think of our LED headlight surround kit? Pretty cool?