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  1. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a low mount exhaust for my 2017 Grom. Love the looks of Dinger, MNNTHBX, and the ixil exhausts (and want it to be loud). Also looking for any brand after market intake. Please let me know. To reach me quicker please text (920)606-3914. Thank you!!!
  2. Grom Talk
    Made a couple videos showcasing the IXIL L2X Hyperflow Exhaust. I had a hard time finding any videos out there showcasing this exhaust. Hoping these videos help some of you guys looking to replace the stock exhaust. I will be making a 3rd video riding around the Grom so that you can get a better...
  3. Dobeck Performance
    Ixil Exhaust Stage 1 Kit w/ EJK Gen 3.5 or AFR+ Gen 4 Fuel Solution Available Ixil Exhaust for the Honda Grom: L2X Hyperflow Full Exhaust X55 Xtreme Exhaust L2X Hyper Flow w/AFR+ Stage 1 Kit pricing: $575 L2X Hyper Flow w/EJK Stage 1 Kit pricing: $445 X55 Xtreme w/AFR+ Stage 1 Kit...
1-3 of 3 Results