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  1. Grom Headlight and Hi-Beam indicator not working

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    As the title mentions, the headlight and Hi-Beam indicator not working on my 2014 Honda Grom. I am unsure how long this issue has been going on for (most likely a week or so) but I am unsure how to fix it. When I turn on the bike the headlight or indicator light does not turn on either. All of...
  2. My experience with Takegawa 181cc (idle, take off and cold start issues) and my FIX!!

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    So I just want to share my experience with my Honda Grom engine upgrade kit that I purchased from Posting this just in case anyone else is needing a little help if they are having this same issue. Purchased items: Takegawa 181cc BBK, MNNTHBX Exhuast (not purchased from HR)...
  3. I need help with my slower grom!

    Grom Performance
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post so I apologize if this topic has been discussed. I did a couple upgrades to my grom all at once and I'm not sure what couldve went wrong. I put in the high rpm/colder spark plug, tbr full exhaust and did a valve adjustment on the same day...
  4. Is anyone getting screech/squeeking on downshift?

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    hi all, - have been getting this issue a bit more recently, I am going to send my bike back for warrenty work as the bike will not go into neutral on standstill, so the bike has to go back as I cant be having this! 1) but in the last week or two I have noticed on downshifting (3-5k RPM...